Dublin Steiner School Admissions


How do i enrol my child?

Please email enrolment@dublinsteiner.com with the following information:

  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Parent/Guardian Address
  • Names and birth dates of the child(ren) you are hoping to enrol
  • Expected commencement date

Our school’s enrolment and data protection policies can be read here.

Is enrolment based on catchment area?

Dublin Steiner School does not allocate enrolment on the basis of a defined catchment area. However, families who are permanently resident in Ireland may receive priority over those based abroad. You can read our full enrolment policy here.

Why should I choose a Waldorf school?

Child development experts - as well as universities and business groupings - agree that most primary education in Ireland and the UK depends heavily on rote learning and values acquisition of facts above building skills for life. In contrast, Waldorf education is tailored to empower children with the skills to thrive in the modern world: creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaborative problem-solving. You can find out more here.

How much time is dedicated to outdoor learning?

The children in both the kindergarten and primary school spend at least one hour outdoors in our school garden each day, no matter the weather. They learn to dress and prepare for the elements, and truly follow the seasons through the daily changes to the garden.

Additionally the primary classes enjoy taking full advantage of our city centre location, with trips to Phoenix Park, Airfield Farm Estate, Trinity College, The Ark Theatre and the National Gallery, as well as our local parks, libraries and other galleries.

Is there an after-school service?

Yes, Dublin Steiner School offers a full after school service at both kindergarten and primary levels. Three and five-day options are available. For full details please enquire during the enrolment process.

why do i have to pay fees?

Our school is primarily funded by community fees and donations. While at kindergarten level fees can be partially funded by the ECCE scheme, at primary level we receive no financial support from the State.

You can view an up-to-date fees list here.

where do the fees go?

Dublin Steiner School is run on an entirely non-profit basis, meaning that your fees go directly to supporting the most important functions of the school. Income from fees is essential to pay our teachers and staff, supply resources for learning, and maintain our premises. Fees are kept as low as possible by the involvement of an extensive number of community volunteers, who help with governance, fundraising, festivals, garden maintenance and much more.

so dublin steiner school doesn't receive state funding?

Unlike both national schools and most 'private' primary schools, our primary school receives no State funding. This is due to the mechanisms under which primary schools are officially recognised in Ireland, and means that we depend almost entirely on our community for essential income.

Dublin Steiner School changed our lives. It's what every parent would dream of.
Both my children have experienced wonder and magic, a true love of learning.
We have seen our child grow into the person she is meant to be in this world, supported by good guidance.