Primary Grades

7 to 13 years

a love of learning that lasts a lifetime

By the time children reach the age of 7, clear changes in their development indicate their readiness for formal learning. They naturally become more independent, and more mature in their temperaments, communication skills and memory.

The Steiner approach believes that children of this age are receptive to learning more abstract intellectual activities and as such, will learn naturally. This ease of achievement will imbue a sense of confidence and love of learning that will carry the child through many years of education.

The primary school classes also follow the rhythm of the year and are filled with seasonal songs and games.

the main lesson

Main lesson is a uniquely immersive, thematic and interdisciplinary academic lesson led by the class teacher. Main lesson subjects are studied in “blocks” of time from three to four weeks.  At the end of a “block” of study, the subject rotates so that the block functions as a magnifying glass on a given subject over a period of time. This pattern of rotating main lesson blocks continues throughout the year.

The class teacher guides the learning of the main lesson content through a variety of activities that allow time for in-depth study and absorption of the material.

During the main lesson each child will create a guided written and artistic record of the content in a bound book, called the “main lesson book,” that can be used for future reference and is forever treasured by the children.



Literacy starts in class one with main lessons that bring the letters to life via movement, narrative and drawing. This supports the reading and writing process.

From there children progress through activities that build confidence and ability in reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Throughout, they hear stories, fables, myths and legends which grow an appreciation for the richness and depth of language.  


From class one children get a feel for numbers, understand their symbology and use this intelligence as a way to perceive the world. They use horizontal number algorithms and are shown this from the whole to the part. From here they build on their understanding of number through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, through factors, common multiples, and prime numbers. Percentages, ratios and geometry are fully explored in the higher grades.


Irish and French languages are taught throughout the grades by dedicated subject teachers - first through song, poetry and story, then reading and writing in both languages.


All children begin with the recorder in Class One, then are introduced to the violin from Class Two onwards. Other instruments are also experienced and accommodated with tuition from a dedicated subject teacher and musician. By the upper grades children will be familiar with chamber music, structured improvisation, composition, conducting, and advanced music literacy.


The celebration of seasonal festivals lies in the heart of a Steiner Waldorf school, providing the children with a healthy and secure rhythm to their year – full of seasonal curriculum, songs, games and crafts.

The Primary School Programme runs five days a week from 9am – 2:40pm