3 to 5 years


The kindergarten is our two year pre-school programme.

It provides children with a nurturing and creative environment, organised around daily and seasonal rhythms. Kindergarten children are given freedom and confidence, which gently prepares them for the more structured environment of the Bridge Programme.

Daily Activities

We keep daily activities as simple as possible, as this is often the child’s first experience of life outside of the home. The classroom environment is carefully considered with a strong emphasis on natural and handmade materials for toys and furnishings.

Children are engaged in craft and regular movement, both inside the classroom and out in the garden, which brings to the day a balance of different kinds of physical and mental activity. A typical morning involves greeting, free play, tidying, circle time, storytelling, puppet shows, outdoor play, rest, snack and lunchtime, and a creative activity such as craft, baking or painting; along with practical everyday skills such as dressing, washing and food preparation.

outdoor time

All of these activities develop children's gross and fine motor skills as well as their independence and confidence. Developing a relationship with the natural world is a central element of Steiner education, and our kindergarten children spend at least an hour each day in the school’s garden. Children learn together in fun, yet effective ways to put on their own coat and shoes and help others to do the same.

This and similar activities promotes patience with oneself and one’s abilities and leads children to have patience with others and a willingness to share and help. Children begin to internalise the enjoyable results of their efforts and practice over time. 


The celebration of seasonal festivals lies in the heart of a Steiner Waldorf school, providing the children with a healthy and secure rhythm to their year- full of seasonal songs, games and crafts. 


In accordance with the Steiner model of age-appropriate learning, we accept children if they are 3 years old on or before the 1st of September in the year they are due to start Kindergarten. Kindergarten runs five days a week from 9:00am to 2.30pm and can be partially funded by the ECCE scheme.