Vision & strategy

school VISION

We are a model Waldorf school in the centre of Dublin. Our vision for the future addresses our four key stakeholder groups.


Children are open, curious and ready to lead with integrity and conscience


All families in Dublin can choose a Steiner Waldorf education for their children


The school enriches, and is enriched by, the community


The school is a beacon for the best teachers and staff

our mission

We raise young people who are distinguished by the scope and acuity of their minds, as well as the depth and integrity of their character.

We nurture each child’s unique capacities to meet the world with confidence and a sense of purpose.

We do this through the Steiner Waldorf ethos, using a developmentally appropriate approach, with a diverse student body.​


Our plan for this five-year period has four primary pillars:
1. Strengthen our governance and leadership structures
2. Grow both curricular and extracurricular offerings
3. Develop our school building for students & staff
4. Ensure our school model is sustainable and inclusive

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