Primary School (7-13yrs)

By the time children reach the age of 7 clear changes in their development indicate their readiness for formal learning; they naturally become more independent, and more mature in their temperaments, communication skills and memory. The Steiner approach believes that children of this age are receptive to learning more abstract intellectual activities and as such, will learn naturally and rapidly, quickly reaching the same standards as their peers in more traditional national schools. This ease of achievement will imbue a sense of confidence and love of learning that will carry the child through many years of education.  

A key feature of the school day is the “Main Lesson” where a subject is explored for focused periods. The subject is taught from various perspectives through a considered balance of artistic, practical, intellectual and physical activities – such as felting, sewing, wax modelling, crochet, finger knitting, origami – thus engaging the head, heart and the hands of each child. This approach encourages a deeper understanding of the subject and gives the children a greater sense of focus and purpose in what they are learning.

In Class 1, reading and writing are taught in a way that is centered around the creative imagination of each child. Children learn through stories, drawing, painting and music. We cover key subjects like English, Math, Irish, Music, Woodwork, Eurythmy, Movements, Form Drawing, Art and Handwork. There are also frequent field trips to The Ark, Dublin’s Cultural Centre for Children, which is a mere fifteen minute walk from the school!

In following years, children are introduced to new subject areas, such as History, Geography, Science and Botany, while familiar ones are deepened through the gradual addition of greater complexity year by year.

The Primary School classes also follow the rhythm of the year and is filled with seasonal songs and games.

Sessions run five days a week from 9am -2:40pm