Meet Our Team

Jayne Enright
School Principal & Early Years Manager,
Class 3 & 4 Lead Teacher, Irish Language Teacher

BA Anthropology, MA Anthropology, Hdip Cert (Primary Education), Waldorf Cert (Primary School & Early Childhood Education) and Forest School Leadership Cert.

Jayne first started teaching in Dublin in 2006. During her time in various schools she has taught all classes from Junior Infants up to sixth class as well as both Learning Support and Resource classes.

After having children of her own she started searching for an educational model that would suit her family, which lead her to  homeschooling.  After two years of homeschooling she found the Dublin Steiner School and immediately knew that this was the right fit for her family.

Before taking on her current role at the Dublin Steiner School, Jayne worked as a teacher at another local National Primary School and volunteered as a director on the Dublin Steiner School Board. Jayne was instrumental in the foundation of the Primary School and is looking forward to lead its growth into the future.

Jayne is an Irish speaker, enjoys weaving and other handcrafts in her spare time, loves being out in nature and thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Olivia Relova
School Administration & Enrolments

BFA Film Studies, Theory and Production

Originally from New York, Olivia moved to Dublin in 2015 with her husband and daughter. While in the States Olivia worked in documentary and video post-production for over 10 years, and has worked on various projects that have gone on to film festivals such as Sundance and South by Southwest before progressing onto international release.

After having her daughter, Olivia fell in love with Steiner Waldorf education and had a change of heart over career. She trained and worked as a parent-child forest school teacher with Brooklyn Forest, where she led classes in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Central Park in Manhattan. After moving to Dublin, Olivia joined the Board of Directors at the school with a focus on enrolments and administration. Olivia stepped down from the Board of Directors to take the role of administrator.

Olivia enjoys handcrafting, travelling, reading, watching films and playing with her family during her free time.

Chiara Brigato
Lead Kindergarten Teacher

MA in Primary and Pre-school Teaching, Early Years Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training with Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association and LINC Coordinator

Chiara grew up in the Alps in North-West Italy and moved to Ireland in 2012 where she started her Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood teacher education. She first completed the Foundation course in Anthroposophy followed by the Steiner Kindergarten Teacher Training. Chiara found ISKA training to be an amazing experience that made her love her job even more, completely changing her approach to life and work and reaffirming for her that teaching is her path. Chiara has successfully completed the Leadership for Inclusion Course with Mary Immaculate College. She has expanded her expertise in relation to supporting children who have special needs and inclusive approach to teaching.Chiara has over thirteen years of experience working with children and teenagers in various grades and environments.

Her teaching knowledge was gained in many Waldorf and mainstream schools in both Ireland and Italy. Being an essential part of the team in Dublin Steiner School for the last eight years, Chiara believes strongly in the Steiner method as it is gentle, positive, creative and practical, suiting her character and values.Chiara enjoys spending her free time with animals, going for nature walks, embroidering, listening to traditional Irish music, playing board games and hiking. She has a lot of other interests like crafts, playing the lyre and singing, gardening, painting, cooking and swimming. Chiara brings these passions to the Kindergarten.

Urszula Sawicka Gamarra
Lead Kindergarten Teacher

BA in Theatre Studies, MA in Art Education and MA in Early Childhood Education

Originally from Poland, Urszula moved to Dublin in 2015. She started in the Dublin Steiner School in 2017 with over 6 years’ experience in teaching and art education. She has worked in several art museums in Poland and Ireland, developed her love of nature while working in Airfield, Dundrum, taught and supported bilingual children in the Dublin Polish school.

Since joining the staff at the Dublin Steiner School her understanding of the importance of Steiner Waldorf education has grown. During the past years she has gained valuable experience from participating in ISKA mentorship programme and has attended several ISKA workshops and conferences. She began her formal teacher training in 2019. Urszula strongly believes in Steiner Waldorf Education and is looking forward to continuing her journey When she’s not teaching, she enjoys hiking in the wild, cooking with her family and going to the cinema.

Rocio Gonzalez
Kindergarten Assistant

BA Education

Rocio has over 10 years experience working with children in a variety of different environments.She is originally from Spain, where she worked in a primary school as a theatre and art teacher and assisted children with additional needs. She settled in Ireland in 2012 and was thrilled to join the teaching staff of the Dublin Steiner School in 2018. Rocio’s work as a Montessori teaching assistant gave her the opportunity to learn more about this methodology and now, working in the Steiner school, she feels very fortunate to learn something new and most importantly discover how imagination, education and nature can be combined. Rocio has always had a passion for sewing, which lead her to study fashion and costume design. She has recently completed a course in textile printing in NCAD and in her free time she runs her own handmade printed bags business. Rocio also enjoys spending time with her friends, being outdoors, cycling, hiking, cooking and pottery.


Sara Almendros
Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

BA Education

Originally from Navarre, Spain, Sara has been living in Ireland for 8 years. She has being teaching for over 10 years, in various age groups and capacities such as schools, creches, after-schools, mental health associations, orphanages and schools in Asia, and in private settings.

Sara taught with the Association for Mental Health in Spain for 6 years before moving to Ireland, where she taught adults with various needs and abilities. While in Vietnam, she taught English as a personal tutor and as a teacher in elementary schools to children from 3 to 8 years old. Sara also spent time with Thai elementary schools and orphanages, where she taught English, as well as took care of children and teenagers from various socio-economic backgrounds and learning needs. Additionally, Sara took part in a Thai community health and environmental programme, where she was involved in the building and fixing of eco-homes for the community.

In her free time, Sara enjoys dancing, music, spending time with friends and close ones, and food (all of them combined is the best!). Sara is always happy to learn and discover. She loves travelling, crafts and a bit of exercise.

Teresa Haid
Bridge Class Teacher

BA Kindergarten / Primary Education

Teresa graduated from the Institute for Social Education in Ravensberg, Germany, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kindergarten and Primary Education and a focus on intercultural competences and pedagogy. She has extensive experience in various teaching approaches and settings: such as Steiner Waldorf, Montessori, open-concept kindergartens and creches. She has also worked on long term projects with refugees in Ravensburg and an art-oriented kindergarten in Finland.

Teresa most enjoys being creative with the children through art, craft and music. In her spare time she enjoys playing guitar, cello and piano; and reading and art. She speaks German, English, French, and Spanish fluently, and has conversational Finnish.

Adrián Sanz Meijs
Class 1 & 2 Lead Teacher, Spanish Language Teacher

Waldorf Cert in Primary Education, BA Primary School Teaching: Specialised in English as a foreign language, HD of Physical Education, Bothmer Movement Training

Born in Alicante, Spain; Adrián grew up in Benidorm, Spain where he earned his teaching degree.

Teaching and Waldorf pedagogy brought him to various locations such as Alicante, Benidom, Valencia, Murcia, Spain and Dublin. Now with his position at the school, he continues his path of Waldorf pedagogy and Anthroposophy. 

With his experience, creativity and work ethic, Adrián enjoys accompanying and guiding his students to discover the world around them. Additionally, he loves to learn and share with the children.

Adrián enjoys the mountains and the beach, as well as travelling, sports, crafts and illustration.  He enjoys sharing these experiences with his partner and their kindergarten-aged daughter.