Kindergarten (5-7yrs)

The Steiner educational philosophy is formed around the idea that children learn best by doing, and so our Kindergarten class involves plenty of active participation: children chop vegetables for snack time, knead dough to bake their own bread, and help teachers tidy and clean their classroom.

One of the key principles of Steiner education is that Kindergarten classes contain a mix of ages. This allows younger children to learn from the older ones.  They become aware of many of the things they will be able to do when they are older, following them at first unconsciously, then anticipating, such as lighting the candle at snack time, which they will be able to do “when I’m big”.  Older children, meanwhile, learn from helping the younger ones. They become confident in being able to do things for themselves, as well as being able to help smaller children with practical tasks, which helps them to develop lifelong capacities of patience, compassion and leadership.

We provide a comfortable and nurturing setting, and a day that is structured around a gentle rhythm of unhurried activities and quiet time. Children are engaged in craft and regular movement, both inside the class and out in the garden, which brings to the day a balance of different kinds of physical and mental activity. The classroom environment is carefully considered with a strong emphasis on natural and handmade materials for toys and furnishings.

A typical morning involves greeting, free play periods, tidying, circle time, storytelling, outdoor play, rest, snack time, and a creative activity such as craft, baking or painting. The children develop their fine motor skills through learning to sew, felt and clay and beeswax modelling.

The celebration of seasonal festivals lies in the heart of a Steiner Kindergarten providing the children with a healthy and secure rhythm to their year, full of seasonal songs, games and crafts.

Our classes are mixed-age groups of 5 to 7 year old children and runs five days a week from 9am -1:40pm.  

Kindergarten is a two year programme.